Monthly Archives: December 2016

2016 was rough but I learned something

27th December 2016

Humans are a constant work in progress.  Always learning, reshaping our perspective and shifting our mindset.  Evolving.  This is just a part of our nature.  It’s how we survive and hopefully thrive in this messy world.  There are a few big ones though.  Those shifts in your paradigm that really shake things up.  The ones that create lasting change in your life because they change what you believe about yourself and the world around you.  Maybe it’s what Oprah calls the AHA moment.  What a ridiculously cliche statement but there it is.  Everyone knows what it is but few know how to recognize it in their own lives.  Maybe it’s not even one moment where everything was right in the world and there were fireworks and choirs of angels singing.  Perhaps it was just a quiet conversation where someone “got you” or a line in a Gene Wilder movie (may he rest in peace) that made perfect sense.  Whatever the case may be, you are different because of it.  It spoke to you at a level that penetrated all your filters and preconceptions and left you with a better understanding of who you are and why you are here or even just a glimpse of it.  In some way, it reminded you of your purpose on this earth.  And because we have the ability to choose how we think and thus what we believe, these moments can literally change our lives and redirect us toward a different path.  When we find that sense of purpose, of belonging and of belief in ourselves, we can truly do anything.

So, why is this magical unicorn so hard to come by and why do we all struggle so much?  We listen to the world around us, for one.  We listen to our parents, teachers and peers and by the time we’re five, we believe we know just about everything there is to know in the world and because we know all that, we must also know who we are and how we fit.  We are taught to define ourselves by the external world.  But there is much more to our lives than the circumstances that surround us.  There is a whole other world that only exists because we do and will cease to exist when we are gone.  It’s the internal world of our thoughts and emotions.  It is the root of everything we do.  Everything begins with emotions, which lead to thoughts, which translates into action.  The glorious bit is that we can learn to control our emotions and redirect our thinking and thus create action that is meaningful and fulfilling rather than chaotic and destructive.  But just like achieving greatness in the external world, it requires awareness, diligence, self-evaluation on a regular basis and constant effort in personal development.  And, like with all things, it requires us to be open to the possibilities and ready to accept the wisdom of others by putting our cynicism aside to let some light in and show us the way.  Maybe we’re just leaning on the door and need someone to open it so we can fall into the room where the magic happens.  But it won’t happen if we don’t lean in and really listen.  And not just listen but listen with gratitude.  I believe we become our own worst enemies when we deny ourselves the gift of gratitude for what we have.  It’s not easy when life keeps moving the goal post so we are constantly unhappy and looking for something better but it’s worth it because in being grateful, we open the door to the greatness that we were all created for.  And when we walk through that door we can actually experience the joy in every moment along the way.


Personally, I know I’m far from achieving the greatness I was meant for but I do know I’m capable of it.  Not just in a big obvious way but in the small moments too.  It’s constant work to remind myself of this but again, worth it.  Perspective and gratitude make it possible.

So, if you’re feeling like up till now you’ve been in a fog and you’re ready to step out of it, remember you’re here for a reason.  You won’t have all the answers but you are evolving toward something great and you get the chance to live that every day.  Best wishes for a new year filled with peace, joy and abundance.