A book club! Why not?

21st September 2014


Here’s the problem. I love books. The bookstore is a dangerous place for me to roam and there is a serious stack of “to be read” books on my shelf… and nightstand. I can’t help it. I recently read The Fault in Our Stars in about two and a half days. I lost a lot of sleep but it was worth it. But, reading has always been a very personal thing for me. I’ve never spent a lot of time discussing what I’ve read with anyone. So, I thought, why not move in a different direction and start to share these books and experiences with people who also love books or maybe haven’t made a whole lot of time for reading but want to start again? Besides, Oprah doesn’t get to write the book on book clubs, right?

We’ll select one book each month and if you’re willing to come along, we can discuss our thoughts on what we’ve read at the end. Since we’re just starting out, I’ll pick the first one but it would be great to get suggestions. I’ll try not to pick anything that’s too long or too heavy in subject matter — we all have our hands full, remember? The idea here is to disengage from our busy lives for a little while and let a book take us someplace new. NO PRESSURE. Let’s just get going and see what happens!

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