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The Peacock and the Goat

23rd September 2014

In Austin, the weather has been gradually improving from extremely hot and dry to moderately warm and humid so the first overcast day we had free, we headed to the Austin Zoo.

Where peacocks and goats get together and chat.

Where peacocks and goats get together and chat.

If you’ve never been there, please go and if you can become a member, do. It’s actually a wildlife sanctuary, which I’m all for because all of the animals are rescued and rehabilitated, some, from horrific circumstances. Like the three-legged wolf who was found chained to a trailer and had to have his leg removed because of the extensive infection and damage from the chain. Really… this stuff happens ALL. THE. TIME. Thankfully, the good people of the Austin Zoo work from a true calling to help animals and more importantly, to educate people about wildlife so you can feel great about your time there. (Bonus tip for parents of small children: They have a large collection of strollers that you can just pick up and borrow for free while you’re there so you don’t have to bring your own.)

Liam's favorite, the tortoises.

Liam’s favorite, the tortoises.

It’s not a huge place so a couple of hours is about all it takes to get through the whole thing. Must sees are, of course, the lions, tigers, bears, wolves and goats. I really love goats. Is that weird? For a long time, Liam was nervous about feeding them but this time he went for it and loved it! My work is complete.

These two became fast friends.

These two became fast friends.


There you have it! If you live in or are visiting Austin, this makes a great half-day trip. As an animal lover, this is a special and important place where I get to teach my kids about  our responsibility to respect and protect wildlife and have fun doing it.


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