Introducing Savvy Minerals by Young Living

21st June 2017

If you’re here, you’re curious.  Curious about natural make-up that actually looks and feels amazing.  Curious maybe about how this can work for you.  We have that in common!  Curiosity is why I joined Young Living in the first place and also why I continue to educate myself on the importance of using products that are not only natural and effective, but actually beneficial to my health.  That is why this new make-up line from Young Living has me and so many others so excited!  By the way, I am not a make-up expert or consultant, just a regular person who cares about what goes on my body and doesn’t want to sacrifice health for beauty anymore and I don’t think you should either.

Savvy Minerals products don’t just even out your complexion, cover up blemishes and enhance your beautiful features.  They actually do good things for your skin and reduce the chemical load you put on it daily by replacing make-up that is full of toxins, which you might have been using before.  Did you know that, on average, women apply 300 toxic chemicals to their body every day?  And 80 of those are applied before breakfast!  These harsh chemicals are found in products we use directly on our skin, like lotions, skincare regimens, make-up, soaps, shampoos and oral care products.  That is alarming, considering many of these chemicals are banned in many other countries because they have been found to be carcinogenic and damaging to endocrine and reproductive systems.  Yet, in the US, companies are not required to disclose this information.  In fact, the laws regulating what goes into cosmetics have not been addressed since the 1930’s! To me, that is absolutely alarming.

So, what is so special about this new make-up?  Haven’t other mineral based make-up brands been around for a long time already? 

First of all, it’s important to note that just because something is mineral based, it does not mean it’s good for your skin.  Some minerals such as bismuth, although natural, can be aggravating to pores and Young Living’s new make-up contains NO BISMUTH.  This is a huge differentiating factor between Savvy Minerals and other mineral make-up brands.  Another important note is that many other natural cosmetics use nano particles to provide a smoother application of the product.  Guess what, nano particles are so small that they can penetrate into your blood stream and potentially interact with your cells.  Not enough is known yet about what happens at that level but rather than risk it, Young Living decided not to use nano particles and instead, coated larger particles that do not enter the bloodstream with jojoba wax to create the same smooth effect without the health concern.  AMEN TO THAT. 

Let’s talk about what else is NOT in this new make-up: 

  • no parabens
  • no nano particles
  • no pthalates
  • no petrochemicals 
  • no bismuth
  • no talc
  • no synthetic fragrances
  • no synthetic dyes or colorants
  • no animal testing – cruelty free!
  • no gluten

Google any of the above toxins and you’ll find some horrifying facts.  For example, petrochemicals, which are found in most cosmetic brands are derived from petroleum or natural gas and research has shown them to be carcinogenic.  Talc has been linked to ovarian cancer.  Synthetic dyes are linked to cancer and seizures among other severe health problems. 

Here’s what Savvy Minerals DO contain: 

These products are all dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic too!

Exciting stuff, huh?  Here’s the most powerful part for me about all of this.  There are many women out there who are using little to no make up at all because of their concern for the toxicity and also because the thought of “figuring it out” is overwhelming.  We weren’t all taught how to apply make-up and we don’t all want to look like the Kardashians, nor do we have the time for their “72 easy steps to contouring.”  We probably don’t even know what contouring is.  We want simple tools and instructions so we can get going with our day.  We want our look to match the confidence we carry inside and we want to feel empowered to look and feel beautiful without giving up our natural wellness lifestyle.  That’s why this is so important.  It’s a movement that is empowering women to look amazing and do it in a healthy way.  And thanks to Melissa Poepping and Young Living, we have tools at our disposal not just to learn to color match and apply the make-up, but to share it with others.  You don’t have to become the make-up expert overnight.  Lord knows I’m no expert and probably never will be but using the online tutorial videos that Young Living created, is all I need to get the look that puts my best foot forward and lets people know that I believe in myself and I’m no pushover when it comes to the cosmetics industry.  That’s major empowerment right there. 

Now, if you’re wondering if the quality of this make-up matches its purity, I’ll leave you with this.  Savvy  Minerals make-up was produced in the world’s leading cosmetics manufacturing facility in the world, located in Milan, Italy.  When the foundation was completed, the people in charge there told Young Living staff that they had never created a more luxurious foundation and that they had never worked with such a strict and regimented company before.  This facility also has the world’s leading research on the latest make-up trends for the next three years, giving Young Living insights into the future.  They already have the next two years of launches planned out, starting with mascara coming in August 2017!  This is a big deal, my friends.  We now have so much more to offer our family and friends!  

What are you waiting for?  Go to if you’re not already a member and order your basic starter kit for $45.  This kit contains the ever popular blend, Stress Away as well as some sample packets of other oils but most importantly, this $45 purchase gets you the wholesale discount (24% off of retail) on ALL Young Living products, including… you guess it… the MAKE UP!!!  Now that you’re a member, join the Essential Rewards program and add your make-up to your first ER order.  No monthly subscription box has ever offered so much back in rewards.  It is truly the BEST way to maximize your wholesale membership and as with all my members, it will include all the education and resources you need to live a life of wellness through 100% natural products.  We will lock arms and revolutionize the way you live your life empowering you with freedom and opportunity.  That is my passion!

Need a celebrity endorsement to seal the deal?  Check out this testimonial from Kristin Cavallari!  She is loving her Savvy Minerals make-up!


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  1. Tara Hamilton

    LOVE all of this!! Thank you for putting such a beautiful product into beautiful words. You have a gift for that my friend!!! Love that you care about people’s health, so much so that you should spend your precious time writing educational pieces such as this one. I feel completely informed, all in one stop. Keep on sharing your passion, I love the fire it brings out in you!


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