Meet Rachel, Resident Stylist

21st September 2014


I like to think of myself as the seeker and purveyor of pretty things that make women feel beautiful!  I am the buyer and general manager for a string of wonderfully quirky and locally owned boutique and apothecary stores in amazing Austin, TX (the best place to be!!).  Your appearance can be a very powerful tool and wearing something that makes you feel good can bring happiness and joy to life.  Sometimes people need a little help finding that item– so luckily I love what I do!  I am a new mom and my kid is the apple of my eye.  Being a busy working mom has brought a new perspective to my fashion choices (can anyone say “quick-change”???) and flexing into this new role has been quite the journey.  I love reading (two words: Jane. Austen.) and spoiling my adorably dorky pittie, Frankie.  Oh, and I don’t mind a delicious meal and a large glass of wine at the end of the day.  

Say hello to Frankie!

Say hello to Frankie!

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