Must have essential oils for business travel

29th September 2015


According to the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, there are over 87,000 flights that crisscross the United States every day.   Some of us travel for pleasure, some for business and some of us try to make business travel as pleasant as possible and just enjoy the ride.  That is, until we catch a dreaded bug on the plane, experience flight delays, sleep deprivation (jet lag, anyone?), and stress of all kinds. You name it, the business travelers of our day are struggling with it.  As for me, it’s been several years since I traveled on business but I am married to a man who is gone around 40% of the time.  He used to come home exhausted, frequently sick and totally stressed out.  Now he has oils. Here is a list of some oils you’ll want to keep handy on your next trip.  You’re welcome!


Close the laptop and get some sleep!

Close the laptop, apply your oils and get to bed!

Whether you’re spending the night on a red eye or a hotel, you will have to try to take any opportunity you can to sleep.  The problem?  Many of us don’t sleep well when we’re away from home.  Not only that, if you’re dealing with a time change, you could find yourself wide awake in the middle of the night and then dozing off in that important meeting the next day.  Cedarwood to the rescue!  Cedarwood may help support your limbic system in the natural production of melatonin, the hormone that sets us up for falling asleep and staying awake at certain times of day.  All you need to do is dilute 10 drops of Cedarwood with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil and add it to a 10ml glass roller bottle such as this.  Apply a few loving swipes to the back of your neck, temples and bottoms of your feet, concentrating on your big toe 10 minutes before bed (or take-off).  You can also add 10 drops each of Lavender and Peace & Calming, which can promote a restful sleep but Cedarwood alone should do it!  My husband now tells me he has to remember to set his alarm so he can wake up from his  “Cedarwood Sleep”.  Hmm… sounds like one of those good problems.



If you’ve ever been stuck on a flight to somewhere far from home and all you can think of is, “Dear God, get me off this plane.”, you need Stress Away.  Young Living wasn’t fooling around when they created this blend of relaxing oils that are meant to help you ease your normal stress and tension.  While there is nothing normal about being encapsulated in a giant metal tube and stuck on the tarmac for 6 hours, the stress you’re feeling is.  Pop a roller filament right on the bottle and roll a little bit of Stress Away on your temples and back of neck or place a drop of this bad boy under your tongue for immediate relief.  Throw in a little serenity prayer and chances are you’ll start to feel the tension roll right off before you know it.


Maybe you just ate a less-than-fresh “salad” that was literally your only choice on the menu or maybe you made it through the day on only Starbucks and a bag of chips.  It’s okay, I get it.  Starbucks makes me feel great too, until I’m not.  Now your tummy is the one wondering how this was ever allowed to happen.  You need Di-Gize.  Again, Young Living brought you an oil blend so perfectly concocted that you will never want to leave home without it.  No matter the trouble, your tummy will thank you.  Di-Gize supports all aspects of your body’s own digestive system.  Just add one drop to a teaspoon of carrier oil and massage onto abdomen in a clockwise motion or place one drop under your tongue for 100% absorption and more immediate relief.  This oil does have a strong smell but you can handle it.  You’re a grown up.


If you’ve ever wondered how many potential diseases you’re exposed to while breathing the stale, recycled air on your 8 hour flight, you need Thieves, Lemon and Oregano.  We call this our Wellness Blend and here’s the recipe:

Add 10 drops each Lemon, Oregano and Thieves to a 10ml amber glass roller and fill to the top with fractionated coconut oil. 

You’ll want to roll this along your spine twice a day, as this is the place where viruses and bacteria love to hang out, rent free.  You can also add one drop of Thieves to a cup of lemon and honey tea to soothe a scratchy throat.  To be used both a preventative and a first line of defense, these powerful oils give your immune system a boost and may help you stay healthy through it all.  I also highly recommend carrying a Thieves Spray with you at all times.  It’s the most effective way to quickly purify the air and surfaces around you.  



ONE WORD. Purification.  Put 10 drops in a 2oz glass spray bottle diluted with distilled water and a pinch of epsom salts.  Spray liberally all over your hotel room or even your arm pits!  It’s soothing to the skin and helps to neutralize odors.  Two birds, one stone.


This the part is where you’ll really thank me.  If you’re heading out of town for a trip that will likely require some elaborate client or team building dinner, you’ll want to to keep these three oils well within reach.


Add 3 drops each to a cool glass of water. Bottoms up!
Another neat trick: close your shower drain and add one drop of Peppermint to the shower floor right before hopping in. Breathe it in!

Peppermint is incredibly refreshing and will wake you right up while helping to get your digestion back on track so you can feel like yourself again.  Lemon and Orange may also help with alertness and detoxification.  I recommend you bring these oils in small glass dropper bottles like these so you take up almost no space and always have the oils you need! 

I’ll admit, I’m a big advocate of carrying around as many oils as possible but I know most of us dread checking luggage so this list is as compact and carry-on friendly as I could make it.  All of these should fit safely in your little baggie and leave plenty of room for your mini toothpaste! 

Another benefit of taking some of your favorite oil remedies on the road is that it gives you a sense of control and routine that we sometimes lose when we’re away from home.  If there is an oil that you routinely use, take the extra effort to bring it with you.  I’ve found that too often, it’s the little things that turn out to be the biggest help when I’m away from home.

I wish you all the best on your next business trip and would love to hear some feedback on how these oils helped or which are your faves for travel.  Bon Voyage! 

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