Restore Balance in body and mind with The Raindrop Technique

26th January 2016

As you may know, I am a firm believer in the power of essential oils from Young Living.  Their potency, purity and power is proven daily in my home.  In the past 12 months, my family has gone through huge transformations toward a cleaner home, body and mind.  This will be a lifelong process with plenty of interruptions for the sometimes necessary Friday night pizza nights and let’s not even get into all the holiday baked goodies.  Yikes!  But, regardless of where we are in the process of cleaning and tuning ourselves, we have found that integrating oils into our lives can help us find greater balance in all areas of life.  Plus, balance is kind of my favorite.  I’ve never been big on extremes.  So read along and bear with me on this lengthy post.  I promise it’s worth your time. 

I enthusiastically welcome you to the Raindrop Technique.


Therapeutic Grade essential oils can be applied to the body in many different ways.  The Raindrop Technique, developed by Young Living founder, Gary Young,  covers both topical and aromatic applications and is a fantastic way to realign your body and mind, leaving you feeling both alive and relaxed at the same time.  That’s a pretty good way to live, if you ask me.  Here’s a testimony from one of our team members who tried it last week at our Raindrop Technique Class.

I was blessed to be able to experience Young Living’s Raindrop Technique last weekend.  Throughout the application of the oils,  I felt my body and energy shift into a deep state of relaxation.  My body began to align, becoming more of a single unit, as the oils were rubbed into my back and feet. I became aware of my stresses, my pains and my discomforts leaving my body.  As the oils dispersed throughout my back and absorbed into my skin, a comforting feeling of both coolness and warmth lead to an even deeper state of relaxation creating an inner balance.  Each oil, and message technique, lifted me up to a higher state of awareness to my body and mind.  The Raindrop Technique continued to work throughout the afternoon and into the evening.  I was able to work through daily life with a more of a positive outlook, secure state of mind, and a feeling of complete body cleanse.  Young Living’s Raindrop Technique is a true gift to your body, spirit and mind.

Ashleigh Lang-Tolliver

I truly believe this technique will change your life, if you choose to try it.  And the BEST part about it is that it is super easy to learn and apply to anyone so if you’re feeling a little sluggish or under the weather, ask a friend or partner to give you a few minutes of their time to help address common imbalances and get very quickly on the road to relaxation and recovery.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  The oils do 90% of the work all by themselves so even if you’re on your own, you can get most of the benefits by simply dropping the oils on your skin.  Just follow some basic instructions and you’re golden.

Here's our very own Raindrop Class from January 10, taught by Jonathan Tripodi

Here’s our very own Raindrop Class from January 10, taught by Jonathan Tripodi

So how does it work?

It all begins with the feet!  As demonstrated by the licensed therapist who taught our recent class, Jonathan Tripodi (more on my ever talented brother in-law further down), application of oils to the feet is an especially effective way of delivering the benefits of essential oils throughout the body.  You can learn more about Vita Flex here but basically, this pressure point therapy, helps access thousands of points on our bodies and may be helpful in releasing many kinds of tensions, stresses and imbalances.  Beginning here allows the person applying the oils to establish a calming and therapeutic energy connection with the receiver.  Vital to this step is the magical unicorn of essential oil blends, Valor.  This proprietary Young Living blend has a reputation for its effects on electrical and energy alignment in the body.  Many call it “chiropractor in a bottle” for this reason.  Of all the oils in the Raindrop Kit (Yes! There’s a kit! Read on…), this is the most important.  Once this step is complete, the treatment moves to the spine and here is why.


The spine is a prime spot to apply oils because it is the part of our body where our immune system is the weakest and viruses love to hide there awaiting for our immune system to become vulnerable.  Most of us are living with stress, tension, lack of sleep and at least a few unhealthy habits that are hard to break, thus our systems become compromised and when we don’t function at our best, it becomes easier for these dormant viruses to leave the spine and attack our other systems.  Not only that, the back muscles are where many of our tensions get stored and can begin to affect our alignment, among other things.  This Raindrop method is so named because it involves dropping essential oils directly onto the spine from about 6 inches above the body.  The oils are then worked into the spine with some light massage strokes, stimulating nerve impulses and delivering the oily goodness along the entire nervous system.  This is meant to bring about greater alignment and balance in the energy centers of the body.  In fact, in about 20 minutes, the oils area absorbed into the body and begin to create therapeutic effects. 

But no matter how much time you spend massaging the oils into the spine and back muscles, the oils continue to work in the body for a week or more following treatment.  It is recommended, for more depleted systems, that a repetition of the treatment over 3-5 days be done in order to consistently restore balance and create a more lasting effect.

Which oils are used in this technique and why?


The oils that are recommended for maximum benefit from the Raindrop Technique and that are included in the ever popular Raindrop Kit are: Valor, Thyme, Basil, Wintergreen, Cypress, Peppermint, Oregano, Marjoram and Aroma Siez.  Carefully selected for their many properties, these oils may help with everything from mental and muscular fatigue, joint discomfort, digestive health, mental accuracy, immunity, calming the nerves, respiratory function, relaxation and stress relief.  It is important to note that because all body chemistries are unique, everyone reacts somewhat differently to essential oils.  It is crucial to utilize Valor, Oregano and Thyme in the Raindrop Technique  After that, the remaining oils can be customized for the specific needs of the person receiving the treatment.

Resources for further study and specifics on how to apply!

Possibly the most useful reference for essential oils is the handy Reference Guide for Essential Oils, which you can purchase from Abundant Health.  This amazing book contains detailed instructions for applying the Raindrop Technique and information on the science behind it.  If you’re looking for something with a little more jazz, you can always check out Gary’s instructional DVD or find him on YouTube here.  Our local Young Living team was fortunate enough to learn this incredible technique in person from a body work therapist who has been practicing the technique for 15 years with countless happy results from his many clients throughout the years.  Jonathan Tripodi demonstrated how this simple application method of essential oils can not only stimulate the receiver of the treatment but also the giver.  The aromatic effect of the oils in the room became a therapy in itself for everyone present and gave the entire experience a true sense of wholeness and healing.  Meet Jonathan and learn all about his work here!

By now you’ve stuck with me through the longest blog post of all time but trust me, it’s worth every word I wrote and many more.  Now you just have to experience this for yourself.  The Raindrop Kit is available through the Young Living website.  It comes with 9 essential oils and two large bottles of carrier oil.


If you are not already a Young Living wholesale member, I would recommend that you become one by purchasing a Premium Starter Kit.  This will allow you to receive the best pricing available on the Raindrop Kit as well as all other Young Living products.  For more information on Young Living and becoming a wholesale member, check out a recent blog post on this or email me at!

Have you ever experienced the Raindrop Technique?  Share your comments with us!

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