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From Denmark, With Love

27th October 2014

Long Distance Love (3)

Last weekend, I had the extraordinary pleasure of seeing one of my oldest and closest friends, Regina, who now lives in Denmark with her fabulously handsome and kind-hearted great dane husband, Martin.  They traveled to Austin to celebrate their one year anniversary because the actual wedding took place in a Copenhagen courthouse and the circumstances did not allow them to gather loved ones around them for the ceremony.  The last few years have been a whirlwind of immigration red tape obstacles that can only be described as a nightmare.  Spending great lengths of time thousands of miles apart, planning and hoping for a future that was full of uncertainties, their love remained strong and their resolve to make it work paid off.  They are now both proud citizens of Denmark.  They live in bustling Copenhagen and are embarking on everything that marriage promises to be.  Their joy in being together is beyond palpable. Honestly, it took me by surprise.  I went to the party prepared to meet Martin and let him know just how lucky he is to have Regina in his life and to give him the “you better be good to her” speech but almost instantly, I realized this was an absurd thing to say to someone like him.  He knows.  At the risk of sounding completely mushy, I have to say, it is a love that is inspirational and amazing to behold. 

I also had the good fortune of sitting at a table full of Danes which was obviously the best seat in the house.  They were open, kind, joyful and incredibly fun. It reminded me of why I love to travel… the people.  And as hard as it was to get out of my comfort zone (I’m usually in pajamas by 9:00 PM), I was so happy to have been there to share the night with old friends and new friends who reminded me that we’re all a part of the same great big family and that love, not money, is what really makes the world go round. 

So, skål to Regina and Martin!  May your troubles be short and your love always strong and free.  Your invitation to Copenhagen is not taken lightly.  We just hope you’re ready when the Tripodi’s come knocking on your door! 


Sad to see these two return to Denmark but looking forward to their next visit!

Regina is a freelance marketing consultant and gifted artist. Check out her work here. For more on Martin’s musical background and performances, stay tuned!