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T-shirt + chic bag + necklace = Dressed for Three Occasions!

19th October 2014

Rachel here! I am super excited for my collaboration with Happy Handful!  I’m here to watch the trends so you don’t have to and report the latest dish directly from the fabulous Blue Elephant in Austin, Texas!  It’s my mission to help you forge ahead fashionably through busy meetings, play dates, real dates, grocery runs, happy hours, and everything in between. 
Where Austin's fashion needs are met!

Where Austin’s fashion needs are more than met!

Now, let’s talk about taking three apparel pieces to three separate occasions.  When I think of easy ways for busy women to come up with quick and cute outfits for multiple occasions, I immediately go for basic “foundation” pieces that can be layered upon for an easy, yet updated look.  In short, look like you planned your outfit, when really, you did a grab-and-dash from your closet to your car, coffee and baby in tow (I know I am not alone, here!).  Fringe and boho are still trending this into winter, and based on Fashion Week, they will continue on through the spring and summer seasons.  A key piece that every busy woman needs in their wardrobe right now is a kimono– be it flowy and romantic, or cozy and knit.   

For this post, I chose an easy fit, super soft Alternative Apparel t-shirt in dark grey ($32) as my foundation for three separate looks.  This is a top that could easily take you from yoga to a nicer dinner out in Austin with some simple layering, plus the easy fit and v-neck are flattering on just about everyone.  Next, I brought in a silver fringed statement necklace ($40).  Statement jewelry is a great way to fancy up an otherwise simple outfit (although I recommend a smaller, shorter version of this necklace for moms with tiny, grabby hands around their necks, like I have!)  Lastly, a versatile everyday bag is a MUST.  I chose to include this classic and simple hobo bag in navy ($50) for its neutral, yet slightly unique, color and it’s size plus strap.  It could act as your purse, but also your pseudo-diaper bag or briefcase in a pinch.  It also comes with a separate leopard zipper pouch that could act as your “going out” clutch if you were running from work to a dinner, like we are prone to do. 

My first look would be PERFECT for game day tailgating and game watching– check the burnt orange infinity scarf!  I am obsessed with infinity scarves in general.  Tie a scarf?  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  Pair it with your favorite boyfriend jeans for a comfy, laid back daytime look.
The second look, paired with jeans could go from shopping, to brunching, to catching a band at Stubbs and back.  Paired with a pencil skirt and stacked heel ankle boots, you could take this from the office to happy hour in a snap.  
Layer look number three with your favorite black skinnies and heels if you have a hot date in the works, or channel Stevie Nicks and wear it with a long, flowy black maxi skirt.  Cue the drama with a smoky eye and red lip.  
Wanna know how to get hot makeup + hair in five minutes flat?  Stay tuned to the blog!  
There you have it ladies, three easy ways to look great with very minimal effort.  If you have learned anything, learn to layer.  A good general rule to follow when putting an outfit together is to wear three pieces.  Today, I am wearing boyfriend jeans and a sweater tank, layered with 1) aztec print blazer, 2) gold statement watch, 3) southwest pendant necklace…get my drift?  Okay!!  Now go look fabulous in five!!!
For even more ideas and inspiration you can follow Blue Elephant on Instagram and Facebook.   

Meet Rachel, Resident Stylist

21st September 2014


I like to think of myself as the seeker and purveyor of pretty things that make women feel beautiful!  I am the buyer and general manager for a string of wonderfully quirky and locally owned boutique and apothecary stores in amazing Austin, TX (the best place to be!!).  Your appearance can be a very powerful tool and wearing something that makes you feel good can bring happiness and joy to life.  Sometimes people need a little help finding that item– so luckily I love what I do!  I am a new mom and my kid is the apple of my eye.  Being a busy working mom has brought a new perspective to my fashion choices (can anyone say “quick-change”???) and flexing into this new role has been quite the journey.  I love reading (two words: Jane. Austen.) and spoiling my adorably dorky pittie, Frankie.  Oh, and I don’t mind a delicious meal and a large glass of wine at the end of the day.  

Say hello to Frankie!

Say hello to Frankie!

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