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A Thanksgiving Rescue Mission!

17th November 2014

I’d like to think that because Thanksgiving only comes once a year, I should have plenty of time to prepare and that it will go off without a hitch.  More realistically, I will forget some crucial item at the store, misjudge the cooking time of a dish and run out of counter space before I even start.  Yes, I have my hands full and I still volunteer to host Thanksgiving for my family every year.  Yes, it’s totally worth it.  My kids play with their cousins, my sister in-law and I spend valuable catch-up time over biscuit dough and boiling potatoes and however chaotic, the day becomes a fun, warm reminder of everything we have to be thankful for.

Over the years, I have explored different methods for prepping and cooking that can streamline and simplify the process and this year, I’m excited to follow the guidelines set forth by the talented writers at The Kitchn.  As cooking blogs go, this is my top pick.  You always get quality content and helpful tips that make life easier and more delicious.  So here you have it.  A 10-day timeline.

Pull off the perfect Thanksgiving with these amazing planning tips!

Pull off the perfect Thanksgiving with these amazing planning tips!

Will it solve all your problems and cook the turkey for you?  Not quite but my bet is that if you follow this advice, your Thanksgiving will be much more relaxing!

If you’re also hosting Thanksgiving and you have tips on how to reduce stress and simplify the process, please comment below!  I could use all the help I can get.